Rape case: Bengaluru Court acquits suspended French consular Mazurier Pascal


Mazurier who was the deputy head of chancery at the French consulate was accused by his wife of raping their three-year-old daughter in 2012.

The judgment was delivered in the presence of Pascal Mazurier. It's nearly a five year long battle, so I?m happy.

"We confirm that (Mazurier) was acquitted in the first instance by the Bangalore court", said a diplomatic source, confirming Indian media reports. I am a loving father.

Suja Jones, meanwhile, has expressed disappointment at the court's verdict and said they will take the case to a higher court.

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Speaking to ANI here after his acquittal, Pascal admitted that it was mental trauma to be falsely accused, to be separated from his children and to stay for so long out of his country, during which time, he lost some dear ones.

Jones, who hails from Kerala, however, said she would move the Karnataka High Court against the judgement for securing justice to her daughter. The case had shot to limelight since it involved a foreign diplomat creating a diplomatic standoff.

Though India and France are signatories to the Vienna convention, that states that a diplomat can neither be arrested or detained, the Ministry of External Affairs informed the police that the same would not apply to Mazurier, leading to his re-arrest on 19 June.

The Vienna convention, in which Indian and France are signatories, states that a diplomat can not be arrested or detained. Based on the information, she filed a case against Mazurier.