Nintendo reportedly working on SNES Classic Edition console


Following the explosive success of the NES Classic Edition over the 2016 holiday season, Eurogamer reports that Nintendo is working on a miniature Super Nintendo console to have ready to launch by Christmas this year. Though, if the report is true, you'll have to wait until the holidays.

According to EuroGamer, "development of the device is already underway", and is a main reason why the NES Classic Edition itself was discontinued.

One of the most sought-after gaming items from past year was Nintendo's NES Classic Edition.

Nintendo is winding down distribution for the NES Classic, having explained that the machine "wasn't meant to be an ongoing, long-term product" in an April 13 statement to IGN.

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Like the NES Classic Edition, the SNES Mini is expected to come with preinstalled games, so now it's game speculation time - what will be in there? Exactly how many games and which titles Nintendo might offer, however, remains to be seen. Individuals who really crave for the NES Classic Edition can go for a hefty price and get the console presently. Fans are only hoping for one thing: no shortages of the Super Nintendo Mini this time around.

Assuming Eurogamer's sources are right, we'll probably still have to wait a few months to find out more official details. It's unclear what games might appear on the purported SNES Classic Edition, but if it's legit you can bet that the trio above will be part of that console's lineup. It came as quite a shock, because not only was the NES Classic Edition extremely popular, it was in extraordinarily short supply constantly since it was launched late a year ago. Let us know in the comments!

Other top SNES games from Nintendo include Super Metroid, Super Mario Kart and Super Mario World, as well as Earthbound, Star Fox and Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.