Man sought in Cleveland Facebook killing is dead


Facebook said Stephens' account was suspended within 23 minutes of the murder video being reported, but admitted it needs to "do better". He shot himself in the head after the vehicle spun out of control and came to a stop, police said.

(AP Photo/James H. Collins, File). Despite initial reports, Facebook denies that it was broadcast live on its platform, claiming that Stephens uploaded the video after the shooting. Stephens Facebook page also has been removed.

Steve Stephens, 37, the man suspected of killing Godwin, shot and killed himself Tuesday after a short police pursuit in Erie County, Pennsylvania.

State police said officers spotted Steve Stephens earlier in the day in Erie County, which borders OH, after they received a tip that his vehicle was in a McDonald's parking lot. "And we have a lot of work and we will keep doing all we can to prevent tragedies like this from happening". The video was eventually taken down.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg expressed condolences during a speech Tuesday at F8, an annual conference of developers who build products for the social media site.

Police have not yet verified whether Stephens had killed others. "I snapped, I just snapped", Stephens said.

Stephens says the name of a woman, whom Godwin does not seem to recognize.

"I'm not happy what you did, but I forgive you".

"She's the reason that this is about to happen to you", Stephens told Goodwin before pointing a gun at him. He took his McNuggets and whipped out of the parking lot, almost hitting Gail Wheeler, 54, a retail operations manager from Erie who was on her way home from the grocery store."Two seconds later, I hear these sirens, and they come whipping past me", she told The Associated Press.Wheeler followed behind for a couple miles.

But the gunman had been a regular at Erie's Presque Isle Downs & Casino, Pennsylvania State Police Lt. Wayne Kline said. William Teper Jr. said.

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"We told him we were waiting on his fries for a minute just to buy some time for the cops if it actually was him".

Troopers initiated a chase that lasted for roughly two miles and then attempted a move to try to disable the white Ford Fusion he was driving, officials said.

Before placing his order, Ducharme said, Stephens had asked another employee who was on break behind the building for directions to the interstate. Stephens fled when officers arrived and gave chase. His auto did a half-turn and came to rest against the curb, and she heard a gunshot, she said. She then saw officers approach the auto.

The officer closest to the auto "just shook his head", she said.

Beech Brook, a behavioral health facility in a Cleveland suburb where Stephens had worked since 2008, said in a statement on Tuesday that Stephens had cleared an extensive background check. There were no injuries to law enforcement or the public.

Facebook announced on Monday that the company would be reviewing its policies after the incident.

Cleveland police are saying the video never should have been shared.

Incredibly, two of the victim's daughters said they forgive their father's killer.

"We feel awful for the family of Mr. Godwin and their tragic loss", Nancy Kortemeyer told the Daily News.

Authorities have found no evidence of other victims besides Godwin. Detectives spoke with the suspect on Sunday by cellphone and tried to persuade him to surrender, police said.