Leonard's 37 points lead Spurs by Grizzlies 96-82


Memphis shot only 15 free throws despite attempting 35 shots in the paint, compared to San Antonio's 32 free throw attempts.

At his post-game press conference, Fizdale launched what turned into an epic rant about the officiating, citing stats from shooting in the paint to free throws.

The Memphis Grizzlies finished the 2016-17 regular season averaging the second most fouls per game in the NBA (22.4), which shouldn't surprise given this roster's re-branding as the basketball-equivalent of The Expendables. Just because they drove to the basket 20 times and only three of those resulted in whistles doesn't necessarily mean that there weren't four legitimate fouls committed on Kawhi Leonard in his 12 trips to the hoop.

We will have to see if the rant lights a fire under the Grizzlies prior to Game 3 on Thursday night.

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Knicks President Phil Jackson suggested last week a trade may be best for the team and its leading scorer, saying the Knicks "have not been able to win with him on the court at this time". "We have to keep that up every single night". They shot 18 times in the paint and shot 32 free throws. We don't get the respect these guys deserve because Mike Conley doesn't go insane, he has class, and he just plays the game. I'm not gonna let them treat us that way. During a almost two-minute rant, he referred to the officiating as "unprofessional" and "unacceptable". "We don't get the respect that these guys deserve because Mike Conley doesn't go insane, he has class and he just plays the game".

Spurs at Grizzlies, San Antonio leads 2-0. Conley, Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph accounted for 21 points. Leonard made sure of that. After criticizing his teammates following the first two games, Indiana's star might have to carry the Pacers himself if they have any hope of getting back into the series. At one point they lead by as much as 26 points. The Spurs only had 12 points in the paint, but got two three-pointers from Parker and Green, in building their huge lead.

The Grizzlies trailed the Spurs by 19 points at halftime. Carter was upset he almost fell on the opposite end of the court, believing Anderson had pushed him from behind. He added 11 rebounds, becoming the first player since Dirk Nowitzki in 2011 to hit 19 or more free throws or more in the postseason. Fizdale called the work of veteran crew Danny Crawford, Rodney Mott and Bill Spooner "unprofessional" and "unacceptable" in a postgame interview that grew increasingly louder before he slammed his fist on a table and stormed off.

Didn't matter. This is the time to stand up - or go home.