Kerala: Easter celebrated in state with religious fervour


The next time when the two Churches share Easter celebrations will not occur until 2025.

Chris McClure, of Ashtabula, said he and his kids went to Catholic school, so going to church on Easter was partly tradition, but it was much more than that.

"As Christians, we believe that Jesus has risen and our journey with our Lord has been renewed and therefore, it is important for us to forgive and forget all those that may have hurt us and seek forgiveness from all those that we might have hurt", he said.

"They should feel welcome, so it's our job as a Christian body, for someone coming in for the first time, that that experience would be so powerful for them, that they would want to come back again", said Christian Life Church Elder Brian Scriven. But Jesus Christ, who was crucified and resurrected in the name of mankind, atoned for the original sin and opened the way into heaven for good and godly people.

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life". "It's about God and family", Rodriquez said.

St. John's parishioners said Easter has a special meaning. They have been on a Lenten journey of prayer and introspection that brought them to Maundy Thursday, the day Jesus had his last supper with his disciples and was betrayed by Judas.

Christians celebrated Easter on Sunday across the Middle East, where many are struggling to maintain their embattled communities in the face of war, religious violence and discrimination.

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Jesus' victory over death was carried out with you in mind.

I love Easter because the music is so uplifting - and reminds me of the people I love who sang it with me for so many years.

Pastor Aaron Smith: If I can answer that very simply, I would say, I preach Jesus. Easter is about the fantastic love of God for you and me.

"Jesus waits for you and me, embracing us in our moments of greatest need and desire", Cardinal DiNardo said. Easter lilies adorned the altar in many churches.

Chad: What is your favorite part of this time of year?

We Catholics expressed our gratitude to God's gift of salvation, when we renewed our baptismal promises at the evening Holy Saturday Easter Mass.

Christians accept as fact the events of the crucifixion and resurrection. "So we celebrate and mark the day with fellowship".