Emirates cuts flights on five U.S. routes as restrictions hit demand


Emirates Airline, the world's biggest carrier by global traffic, is cutting flights to five USA cities after actions by the Trump administration slowed bookings from Middle Eastern countries.

The Dubai-based airline said that it would cut services to five United States cities - Los Angeles, Boston, Orlando, Seattle and Fort Lauderdale - starting from next month.

Dubai was one of 10 cities in Muslim-majority countries affected by a ban on laptops and other personal electronics in carry-on luggage aboard USA -bound flights.

The official reason for the ban cited security concerns that such devices could be used to take over or otherwise harm a flight, but critics said it was a backhanded way of making flights on some airlines less desirable, which would help US carriers.

Fast-growing Emirates made its first flight to North America in 2004.

An executive order banning entry into the United States for citizens of certain Muslim-majority countries remains suspended under a restraining order issued by the courts last month.

Some airlines started offering workarounds, such as providing loaner laptops and iPads to travelers on USA -bound flights or allowing passengers to check large electronics on the gate prior to boarding.

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Before the start of 2017, Emirates said its US operations had seen "healthy growth and performance". Emirates is committed to our USA operations and will continue to serve our 12 American gateways - New York JFK, Newark, Boston, Washington, DC, Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, and Orlando - with 101 flight departures per week, connecting these cities to Dubai and our global network of over 150 cities.

These allegations were the focal point of a rally held in March by United Airlines, its employees, and members of Congress in protest of Emirates' new daily service between Newark Liberty International Airport and Athens, Greece.

Emirates is reducing the number of scheduled flights between Dubai and the USA cities of Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Seattle, Boston, and Los Angeles.

The American carriers want the USA government to review the Open Skies agreements that allow their Gulf rivals to fly freely from the United Arab Emirates and Qatar to any US destination. As the New York Times reports, yesterday President Trump signed an executive order calling for a reexamination of the U.S.'s H-1B visa program that now brings in 85,000 skilled foreign workers a year.

LONDON (CNNMoney) - Emirates Airline is cutting back on flights to the United States because policies introduced by President Trump's administration have hurt bookings.

Emirates said it will continue to operate to all 12 of its current USA destinations.

"This is a commercial decision in response to weakened travel demand to US". "Every limiting security message needs to be offset by a honest welcome to legitimate, lawful travelers".