Apple Self-Driving Car Project is Alive


The California Department of Motor Vehicles has granted Apple a permit to test self-driving vehicles in the state, the regulatory body recently revealed. Moreover, six human operators will sit behind the wheel to monitor the driving and take over when needed, reads the CDMV permission.

Building a self-driving auto from the ground up is also very expensive , and marketing such a product would also be new to Apple, Bajarin adds. The country's largest automaker by sales is testing more than 50 autonomous Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles on public roads in San Francisco, the Detroit metropolitan area and Scottsdale, Arizona. "At the time, it was seen as the strongest hint that Apple was still committed to self-driving technology".

Above Avalon analyst Neil Cybart believes Apple is still interested in building the whole vehicle.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has already admitted that the company may look to move past simply iPhone integration in cars, hoping to rival other tech companies like Google, Delphi, and Uber, and traditional carmakers like Tesla, Ford, VW, in the battle for a fully-autonomous future.

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Based on Apple's history, it likes to be in control of both the hardware and software sides of its products to create the best experience for customers, he noted.

Per Business Insider, Apple did not comment when asked if they are now "testing autonomous vehicles on public roads".

Late a year ago, Apple revealed it is investing heavily in autonomous vehicles in a letter asking the government to make it easier to develop self-driving cars. According to unnamed insiders who spoke with the The New York Times previous year, Apple laid off dozens of staffers as part of the shakeup. Reports in 2016 suggested, the company had dropped its plans to develop the automobile component and instead focus on the automation technology, similar to what Google is doing. Apple has reportedly a thousand workers assigned to the Project Titan.