13 arrested in pro and anti-Trump rallies


The events were unrelated to 150 marches planned across the country on Saturday that called on Trump to release his tax returns. Hundreds of Angelenos have been arrested in recent days and some have vandalized property but the vast majority of the thousands of protesters have remain peaceful.

Clashes erupted on Saturday in a Berkeley, California park where supporters and opponents of US President Donald Trump were holding competing rallies.

Twenty-one people are in custody and 11 people were injured after an enormous group of pro and anti-Trump demonstrators clashed in Berkeley.

At least 100 people from both camps eventually moved out of the park and into one of the city's main intersections, where they continued to fist fight, hurl insults and chant at each other. The groups then left the park and walked on Berkeley streets with police closely following them. In February, a scheduled appearance by conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopouloswas cancelled amid a violent protest on the UC Berkeley campus.

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AJ Alegria, 31, of Sacramento, told the Times he came to Berkeley to help defend Trump supporters and was surrounded by a dozen protesters in black masks who he said attacked him with sticks and pepper spray. A barricade and a line of police horses blocked off Wabash Bridge in order to prevent protesters from going to Trump Tower.

Other protesters carried signs that remarked on the president's frequent visits to Mar-a-Lago, his private resort in Palm Beach, Florida where he is spending the Easter weekend with his family.

A Trump supporter was reportedly the first casualty of the day. She rode a bus from New Jersey to New York City with her friend Geraldine Markowitz, 83, to take part in protests. Right-wing groups held Trump campaign signs and posters that read "Free speech", among others. He later said that voters don't care. "We march because it is in the best interest of the American people to know what financial entanglements and conflicts of interest our leaders have". One particularly shocking video immediately became viral as it showed a Trump supporter delivering a forceful sucker punch to the face of a young woman who seems to have been completely taken by surprise and fell to the ground. Organizers for Tax March San Francisco discovered the chicken and re-dubbed it "Chicken Don" to poke fun at the President for being too afraid to release his tax returns.