MI fans name baby 'Harbaugh,' get shout out from Jim


Jim Harbaugh has enamored MI fans everywhere since he took over the football program in December 2014.

Though the boy was born on September 1, 2016, his name became a sensation today when Harbaugh tweeted the Fettigs' birth announcement, commenting: "Something about this kid, A Winner & Champ all the way!" The baby's name: Harbaugh Lee Fettig. Coach Harbaugh caught wind of the honor and tweeted out a picture of Harbaugh Fettig as part of his birth announcement.

The Harbaugh clan recently expanded, as Jim and Sarah Harbaugh had their seventh child, John, in January.

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Harbaugh Fettig is the youngest of four boys.

Yeah, that tweet reads like it came straight from the mouth of Dick Vitale, but when your fan base is naming its babies after you, how else is a football coach supposed to respond?

Jim Harbaugh is entering his third season as Michigan's coach. His brothers are Hogan, 9, Colt, 7, and Case, 4.