How To Vote For 'The Voice', Who's Left on 'The Voice'


Through innovative real-time voting on the Voice App and Twitter, fans will be able to advance two artists per team into the Top 12 and find out the results on the same night. His energy infects the whole room as he coasts through the notes with his signature snare, and as Blake puts it after the performance, "If people didn't like that, something's wrong with them". In those rounds he performed the songs "Adorn" and "Superstition".

Comeback artist Temple was the second artist to perform from team Blake and she chose to give her one hundred percent to the song titled "Defying Gravity", from "Wicked".

In order to complete her team for the live shows, Alicia needs to choose one artist to save. "I can't believe you just did that", Blake said.

Next was the turn of teenager Aaliyah Rose, who joined Blake's team after leaving Team Gwen. But Duski isn't necessarily a country singer either, making her performance that much more impressive. Blake said, "There is no good way to do this". And tell us who your top picks are. It was a fittingly theatrical performance, but Temple brought a lot of emotion to it, too, and she backed it all with precise, bold vocals.

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Aliyah Moulden ("Mercy" by Duffy): The term "firecracker" comes up to describe the contestants a few times tonight, but it's most appropriate when applied to Aliyah Moulden.

It may be mentioned that Stephanie Rice (Team Alicia), Vanessa Ferguson (Team Alicia), Chris Blue (Team Alicia), Aliyah Moulden (Team Blake), Lauren Duski (Team Blake), and TSoul (Team Blake), made it to the top 12 list, while six others namely Jack Cassidy, Casi Joy, Anatalia Villaranda, Ashley Levin, Felicia Temple and Aaliyah Rose were sent home after the playoffs performance. He also complimented her on how she had a wonderful control of her breath and said she was one of her favorites on the show. Lauren Duski is the final Team Blake contestant to sing, and she nails her performance of "Someone Else's Star" by Bryan White. America got behind his performance and voted to save Chris. We already knew Stephanie poured her entire self into her songs, but she really took things to the next level this time. "I love that you have no limits", beamed Alicia.

- Anatalia Villaranda "Stand By Me" by Ben E. KingFilipino firecracker Anatalia has been a pure delight to watch from Day 1 in this competition and once again, she cartwheeled her way right into your heart with a almost flawless rendition of this soul classic. Alicia loved her message and her sound. "I think it is wonderful the diversity that you have and the range that is inside you".