Apple Music will integrate with Facebook Messenger's new song


On Tuesday, Marcus said that outside developers had created 100,000 bots for Messenger, of which almost 70,000 were made in the past eight months.

Facebook is launching new Messenger features today, to encourage users to make the most of bots built by third parties. So lets dive in to see some more details on the subject. After recapping past progress in understanding still images and video, he talked about a new Facebook technology called Mask R-CNN that is super-smart at figuring out what's happening in imagery.

Similarly, the Wester Union bot can be used to send money to more than 200 countries and territories across 130 currencies. Guests can use the bot to order a sandwich or salad, customize it with their favorite bread; cheese; vegetables; and sauce, and pay on any device that supports Messenger. Discover also includes a slew of other categories such as Entertainment, News, Food & Drink and many more.

"You want to meet the customers where the customer is, and that's where we are, in messaging apps". This would basically lead to greater user engagement and more time spent on the platform.

Next up are Chat Extensions. Using these extensions, users can do stuff like bringing bots into conversation.

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Payment can be made through Facebook's payment system, which requires the registration of a credit card, or through Masterpass, an online payment service by Mastercard. You could do the two step procedure of asking for a recipe for mango-mushroom-marinara and then again asking to share that recipe with your aunt Mildred (who loves mangos), or instead you can just ask the FoodNetwork bot for that recipe in a conversation, and mango Mildred can see it at the same time. TriviaBlast, Spotify, Swelly and many more already offer these experience.

The notion of conversational commerce began in 2016 when Facebook officially announced its Messenger Bots program with simple artificial intelligence tools for natural text understanding on the back end of a bot. We're not particularly used to scanning QR codes and the like on a routine basis. The Cheesecake Factory is the first brand in CashStar's portfolio of leading merchants, retailers and restaurants to implement the bot capability for Messenger. The same experience goes with other bots too, like OpenTable (make dinner reservations with a bunch of your pals), Kayak (arrange those group travel plans) or the National Basketball Association (discuss the scores of last night's game).

The Cheesecake Factory is taking a different approach.

And it's building out its M AI-powered assistant to keep tabs on your conversations and suggest relevant actions, including allowing multiple people to use to look at restaurant menus and order meals together.