Alec Baldwin: Kendall Jenner's unlikely defender


Pepsi defended the advert at first, saying it carries an "important message".

Did they miss the mark?

Aww! This seems like they are super silly around each other which means things are going well.

The commercial pictures many different ethnicities, genders and religions represented in the protestor group, including a photographer who appears to be a Muslim based on her head covering. His daughter Ireland Basinger-Baldwin once defended both Jenner and Gigi Hadid against charges they weren't real supermodels. We've EXCLUSIVELY learned that Kendall Jenner is absolutely "crazy" about the rapper, and wants the entire world to know that 'they're together.' Here's the latest on their sizzling romance! I realize this is not the intended effect Pepsi was hoping to achieve, but their commercial united the viewers in a common dislike. They ominously added that if any reporter defies the rule, or even mentions that god damn Pepsi ad, they, "will be immediately pulled from the interview and the outlet will forever be persona non grata". I think it's unfair to rake these younger ppl (people) over the coals. She will not just be swaying to Radiohead in a crop top and aviators, however (though she will probably be doing some of that, too). Getting offended because a protester would offer a cold beverage to a hard-working citizen is a bit silly.

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Pepsi addresses social injustices and potential disconnects that some people might experience.

Indeed Kanye West is a great friend of Anna Wintour, who directs Vogue. Assuming we've all presented our own hot takes on the Pepsi ad at this point, that should happen any day now. Jenner's part in the ad did not even make sense, let alone show that she cared about any movement. It was Pepsi's responsibility to recognize this and use her influence as a tool to either harmlessly promote their brand or use it to support a genuine, specified cause - not portray protester/police clashes as little more than optimal Instagram photo backdrops.

Unless you're currently living under a rock that has no internet connection, I'm sure by now you have seen Pepsi's sad attempt in commercial making.