Tesla significantly lowers the Model S 75 kWh price


Tesla's pricing and product matrix can sometimes be challenging to keep track of. "Today's updates include slight price decreases to our 75, 75D and 90D models to account for the discontinuation of our 60-kWh models, and next week we will be implementing slight price increases to our higher end 100D and P100D models". The California automaker dropped prices by $5,000 for the Model S and $3,000 for the Model X with each car's 75 kilowatt-hour batteries, according to Tesla.

Model S. Image source: author.

For owners of the 70 kWh Model S, an upgrade to 75 kWh can be had for $500, though only face lifted Model S 70 models were made with the larger battery pack, which means early-build models can't be upgraded.

For those owners of an upgradeable 70kWh Model S (that is, the "facelifted" version - previous 70kWh cars did not come with a software-limited battery and thus can not be upgraded), the upgrade from 70 - 75kWh is now just $500, down from $3,500 prior. All-wheel drive adds $5,000 to the purchase price, but it bumps up range by 10 miles and drops the acceleration figure by 0.3 seconds. For example, the glass roof, power liftgate, and high-speed charger will now come standard.

The Model S 75 isn't the only auto seeing a price reduction, CNET reports that the Model S 90D was reduced $2,000 to $87,500.

Although Tesla's Model S 100D lacks in performance in comparison to the P100D, the former model justifies for it with its range capabilities.

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The net impact of these pricing changes will likely be positive for Tesla.

Tesla also reduced the price to "unlock" additional battery capacity in some of its older models.

Tesla could use a boost to Model S demand for several reasons. The base 75D saw a reduction of $3,000, bringing it to $74,500.

Data source: Tesla quarterly SEC filings and delivery press releases.

When Tesla wants to change pricing or available features for its electric offerings in its online configurator, it often does so quietly.