Samsung's Bixby won't say hello to you until later this spring


The ideal time for new Galaxy S8 owners to try out Bixby Voice and get accustomed to using it regularly would be right at launch, but now the early GS8 buyers won't have that feature to try out.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 might be just days away from hitting retailers' shelves, but the Korean manufacturer has just pulled one of the phone's key new features.

Instead of issuing voice commands, owners will have to contend with using their fingers to utilize Bixby Vision, Home and Reminder.

This setback isn't such bad news for Brits, though.

However it seems that the second chance won't be launched together with the handset.

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Samsung has failed to provide a reason for Bixby's delay but it comes as major downfall considering the emphasis Samsung put on the feature during its unveil of the feature.

This news would certainly disappoint the buyers who have been waiting to try out the Bixby assistant on the Galaxy S8. Samsung claims Bixby is more "intelligent" and designed for "completeness" allowing users to use your voice for everything you would otherwise do by tapping the screen.

Samsung included a dedicated button on the phone's side for Bixby in an effort to place the spotlight on it and differentiate it from other smart assistants.

Following the recent unveiling and a release date later his month, UK's Truly Exquisite has announced limited edition gold and platinum versions of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. USA was supposed to be the only other market where Bixby Voice would be available at launch, but that is sadly not going to be the case anymore.

Samsung officially added the future smartphones to the Samsung Galaxy S series last week. In a report obtained by The Verge, Samsung admitted that all was not well with the newest voice-activated digital assistant on the market.