Microsoft Once Again Claims Edge Provides Better Battery Life Than Google Chrome


Unfortunately for them, Microsoft won't be able to reveal any of these speculated products during the event.

The base model retailed for $600 with a keyboard cover and $500 without one, but Microsoft had to slash the price of each version of the inaugural Surface by $150, before the write-down.

A lack of control over when Windows 10 automatically downloads and installs updates has been one of the biggest complaints about the operating system since it came out.

The problem is Microsoft sees screen brightness at 100% as a battery drain issue, and would prefer users set their brightness lower, a reasonable suggestion when most battery run down tests have the screen at 50% brightness.

The event will be held in New York City at 9.30am ET (7.00pm IST), and Microsoft is expected to announce something in software and hardware.

The Windows 10 Creators Update's new dashboard for Windows Defender ATP, called Security Center, gives IT more visibility into users' profiles and PCs.

Windows 10 didn't include an RT version, but it might soon get a Cloud version. As The Verge notes, PC makers could use Windows 10 Cloud to create computers that would challenge Chromebooks.

This concept might sound familiar. Older Windows apps wouldn't work on the thing.

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Other devices that were not mentioned will not be supported and will not receive any future builds, the release note from Windows mentioned.

Microsoft's mobile stint with the Windows Phone platform did not yield the company the kind of response it was looking for. And that brings us to the second qualifier: Even though the Windows Store now offers some Win32 apps, that doesn't necessarily mean the CouldBook will run them.

Running other apps would required a certain change in preference Settings. It is company's next move to take on the Google's Chrome OS. That should be a relief to users, though it may not bode well for cost.

You can use any paired iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone to detect when you step away from your PC or tablet, which will be automatically locked - and then unlocked when you come back again.

Windows once tried going down the route of cheap machines barely worthy of the label "PC", and the world rejected the result: the netbook.

Microsoft recently opened up its cloud-based Teams application to Office 365 Education plans, which is another piece of the puzzle.

The main challenge Microsoft will have with such a machine would be managing expectations.