Attorney calls for Georgia officers to be criminally charged


A pair of police officers in Georgia have been fired after cell phone videos surfaced of a violent arrest they made this week.

Gwinnett County Police Chief Butch Ayers reacted to the video at a news conference Thursday afternoon saying it was disturbing.

It was Bongiovanni who pulled Hollins over in Lawrenceville, Ga., just outside of Atlanta.

Police have scheduled a news conference for Thursday evening to discuss the newly-surfaced video.

Attorney Justin Miller said the police department knew of prior bad conduct by the officers and did nothing.

A widely viewed video posted to social media on Wednesday shows a Gwinnett County, Georgia, police officer kicking a man in the head as he lies on the ground during a traffic stop.

Rosanna Szabo said Friday she is dropping all cases in which Robert McDonald or Michael Bongiovanni were either the principal officer or a necessary witness.

Video filmed by a witness shows Bongiovanni punching Hollins as Hollins stands with his hands up after getting out of the auto, police said.

The report mentions McDonald arriving after Bongiovanni had used his stun gun on Hollins and gotten him handcuffed on the ground.

The videos show Sgt. Michael Bongiovanni punching Demetrius Hollins as he exited his vehicle with his raised above his head. "This officer and his actions do not represent the men and women of this police department who put their lives on the line every single day to protect this county".

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Responding in his incident report, Bongiovanni argued that Hollins had struggled by bending his waist and trying to push him away, and also added that he had previously arrested the same man at another routine stop and found a loaded firearm under his seat on that occasion. McDonald also responded to his call for backup in that case. Image courtesy of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "He pulled a woman out of a burning vehicle". The driver, Demetrius Bryan Hollins, did not have a license plate and changed lanes multiple times without signaling, according to an incident report.

The officer smelled marijuana and was unable to verify any information about the vehicle, so he ordered Hollins out of the auto.

Ayers said a criminal investigation has begun and will be directed by the district attorney's office. One victim was kicked in the head while handcuffed.

Jones' video ends as Hollins is placed on the trunk of his vehicle.

Hollins yelled and refused to obey orders when Bongiovanni ordered him out of the vehicle and resisted when Bongiovanni tried to arrest him, the report says. He had written in the report that Hollins had been acting out of the ordinary and yelled, "I need my mom". In addition to allegedly smelling marijuana, officers ordered Hollins out of the vehicle. Hollins left his vehicle with his hands up but was punched in the head and taken to the ground by Bongiovanni.

The two officers are white and Hollins appears to be black, police Cpl.

Hollins was not able to answer questions from reporters.

Hollins appears to have blood on his nose and lip in an arrest and booking photo.

Ayers said Thursday that McDonald had taken responsibility for his actions and was sorry that they occurred. ".The truth would have never came to light without these videos". The officer then rares back and punches and pummels the driver, whose hands remain upraised. Bongiavonni was a 19 year veteran, becoming a Gwinnett County, Georgia police officer nearly two decades ago.