Rod Carew's new heart, kidney came from late NFL player


Mary Reuland, Konrad's mom, told the American Heart Association that her oldest son first met Carew when he was 11 or so attending a California middle school.

The Reulands were told the beneficiary was a 71-year-old man from Orange County. "I've been given a second chance so I'm going to take advantage of it, and I've got another family". But, the same week Konrad passed news broke that Carew received a heart and kidney from a 29-year-old donor, so it wasn't too hard to connect the dots.

Hartman said Friday morning that he found Carew to be down to earth and very open during their time together.

Reuland bounced around between multiple teams from 2011 through 2016, and appeared in four regular-season contests for the Ravens in 2015.

The two men's blood classification was the same, however the key component was both were safe from Hepatitis B. Nobody in front of Carew on the transplant rundown was insusceptible.

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The surgery was a success, and the Carews were eternally grateful to the man whose heart and kidney Rod had received.

Amid the last hours Mary Reuland went through with her most seasoned youngster, she kept her correct ear on his trunk. His heart went to Carew, who was at the top of the donor list after dealing with life-threatening complications from a heart attack he initially sustained a year earlier. He put in a year with a left ventricular help gadget in his trunk taking care of the work of his harmed heart. Carew's family has always been signed up as organ donors in memory of his daughter, Michelle, who died of leukemia when she was unable to get a match for a bone marrow transplant.

Last fall, blood thinners he took as part of his protocol led to bleeding in his brain, making it more urgent for him to get a new heart.

The program's name originated from Carew's pullover number. Because Konrad Reuland died at 29, the name carries added meaning. The Carew's were aware of Reuland's death through the news a couple days before and had wondered whether or not Rod received his heart.