Kansas Outcome a Warning to GOP as Georgia Contest Nears


"Democrats are showing up and Republicans have to energize their base", said Tom Davis, a former Virginia congressman who once led the GOP's House campaign arm.

The first reason why is that most of the things the Trump administration is doing and will do are exactly what any Republican administration would do.

"It's not about the DCCC or the DNC as an institution doing something on their own", Whitney said.

The Kansas race had unexpectedly tightened in its final days, worrying the Republican establishment. Senator Ted Cruz flew in to stump for Estes and both Vice-President Mike Pence and President Donald Trump recorded robocalls urging his election.

In Kansas, Cruz campaigned alongside Estes, the state treasurer, on Monday, introducing him at a rally and calling on citizens to turn out to vote.

If voter turnout is pretty good and Estes wins by less than 10 percent, that close margin will be significant, University of Kansas political science professor Burdett Loomis said Tuesday afternoon. Dan Glickman (D) was swept out by a Republican electoral victory wave in 1994 fueled in part by anti-abortion activists.

If we pull back to the long view, we can see a scenario in which Trump produces a reinvigorated Democratic Party winning elections at all levels, fails to get numerous GOP's substantive goals accomplished, delivers the House to the Democrats in 2018 (thereby ending the possibility of any further legislative accomplishments), then loses in 2020. The Democratic candidate, James Thompson, was a political novice who couldn't attract big-dollar donations from Democrats around the nation.

Lucy Jones-Phillips, a 31-year-old insurance representative and Democrat, acknowledged she doesn't vote in every election, but said she voted for Thompson because she wanted to register her disappointment in Brownback, especially his veto of an expansion of Medicaid.

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"Too many elected officials - on both sides of the aisle - have forgotten how to work together to move our country forward".

The DCCC did not directly answer a question from McClatchy on Monday about its lack of spending in the race.

"The 4th District is tough for Democrats", Loomis said.

Thompson, who is pro-choice, won his party's nomination in February after pushback from voters over the possibility of the party selecting an anti-choice Democrat as its nominee.

The importance of the election was demonstrated by the national GOP figures who campaigned for Estes.

But millions have also come from Republican Political Action Committees (PACs), mailing fliers and buying time for anti-Ossoff ads.

Democrats hold only three other districts that even gave Trump a majority. In addition to the Kansas seat, Republicans are defending GOP-leaning seats in Georgia, Montana and SC - while Democrats are protecting a seat in a liberal California district.

"We came a lot closer than everyone thought we were going to be at the beginning of the race, because from the very beginning people wrote us off as having absolutely no shot", Thompson's spokesman Chris Pumpelly said.